Upper West Region


The Upper West Region is one of the ten regions of Ghana. It is located at the North-Western corner of Ghana with latitude 9.8°- 11.O° North and longitude 1.6°- 3.0 West, bounded to Burkina Faso to the North. It covers a geographical area of 18,476 square kilometers which represents 12.7% of the total land area of Ghana.

The northern Ghana-Burkina Faso border, on the east by the Upper East region and Northern region, on the south by the Northern Region, and on the west by the western Ghana-Burkina Faso border borders the Upper West Region on the north. It is the seventh-largest region in Ghana in total area, and it is made up of eleven (11) districts. By virtue of its location, it has the potential for international and inter-regional trade and other bilateral relations, but the overspill of criminal activities and disaster, such as bush fires, diseases, and pestilence, armed robbery, etc., from our neighbors, also pose a threat to the region.